• In Celebration of Perfect Unplanned Evenings

    In Celebration of Perfect, Unplanned Evenings

  • Persimmon and Ricotta Toast

    Persimmon + Ricotta Toast

  • Changing the World with Cheese Plates

  • Roasted Squash Soup Recipe

    Roasted Squash Soup

  • Cabbage + Jalapeno Slaw

This stunning cheese plate was the very first one ever created by Leo + Matilda, (over a year ago!) and until now it's been totally under wraps! Read on to find out how we're changing

We got together to discuss Shonda Rhimes' book, "Year of Yes" but this brunch party board kinda stole the show

The days of a few raw veggies piled around ranch dip are gone! The new crudités is a rainbow of

We celebrate our strong, fearless, female friends as often as we can. Around great wine + a beautiful cheese board.

Raw cabbage has a mild flavor and tons of antioxidants + anti-inflammatory nutrients. The perfect green for your morning smoothie.

This sweet + savory ricotta toast is made with unique, yet easy to find, local and seasonal ingredients. There is

Need a go-to coleslaw recipe? This is it. We promise.

A really good hummus recipe is a modern day essential. It's luscious, easy to make, inexpensive, and has more uses

Do you know where baby chickens come from? Have you ever seen a chicken eat grass? A chicken house on the move?

What does rancher Elizabeth Poett do when she has 50% less cattle to raise and sell? A lot