Cabbage is incredibly delicious and extremely versatile, and possibly the most under-appreciated vegetable there is.

Perhaps my love of cabbage springs from my Eastern European roots and the many cabbage dishes my grandmother made when I was a kid, but the fact is, it’s an incredibly delicious and extremely versatile veggie. Not to mention, there are health benefits to eating cabbage raw, cooked, juiced, or smoothie-d.

Cabbage + Jalapeño Slaw

Coleslaw is an obvious choice for cabbage. Our favorite (a Leo & Matilda original recipe) ditches the mayo for apple cider vinegar, and has a spicy kick. Get the recipe for our Cabbage + Jalapeño Slaw here.

Cabbage + Berry Smoothie

Another great, and somewhat unexpected use for raw cabbage, is in smoothies. Raw cabbage doesn’t have a ton of flavor, and contains lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Add that together and you’ve got the perfect cruciferous veggie for your morning smoothie. We’re sharing our favorite Cabbage + Berry Smoothie recipe here.