Like many of the fruits and vegetables featured on Leo + Matilda, eggplant has an almost overwhelming amount of varieties that can't be found in your average grocery store.

Globe eggplants, the large purple variety most common in US stores, has a time and place for use, and so do the myriad of other beautiful varieties. To list them all out here would be quite the exercise for me, and quite the study of eggplant for you. And frankly, its unnecessary.

My goal here is to inspire you to make a trip to your local farmers market or farmstand to discover what varieties are available to you, and to talk to your local farmers about how they like to use each one. It will create a connection to your food, and help to build a relationship with your farmer that will pay off at dinner time and into the future.

White & Calliope Eggplant

Hansel, Dancer & White Eggplant

Calliope & Hansel Eggplant

Heirloom eggplants are true beauties with almost none of the bitterness found in commercial varieties, and some have the creamiest textures that are just begging to be made into Babaganoush.  I’m so excited for you to experience them!