M. Greenwood Jams

Our favorite mother + daughter duo in the jam business, LA-based Margaret Greenwood and her mom are producing THE BEST jams and condiments.

Their slogan is “Eat More Jam” and their wide range of creative flavors, from sweet to savory, and every combination in between, are perfect for everything from topping ice cream to making outrageously good grilled cheese sandwiches, awesomely unique pizzas, crazy good toasts, and so much more.

Our favorites right now are Onion + Garlic, Summerberry, Winter Plum, Apple Butter.

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Our Favorite Cheeses

Traditional, two-curd Gorgonzola. Handmade with whole, raw milk from Elm Lea Farm. The edible rind surrounds a dense paste with streaks of blue mold, a creamy texture and a spicy, earthy flavor. Parish Hill Creamery Westminster, VT.

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Soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese with a rustic, bloomy rind, and wrapped in spruce bark harvested from the woodlands of Jasper Hill. Jasper Hill Creamery produces some of the worlds best cheeses – Harbison has been named Best American Cheese twice – at their farmstead creamery in Greensboro, VT. A Must Try!

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Cabot Creamery + Jasper Hill Cellars’ cloth wrapped cheddar is complex, creamy, and like no other cheddar we’ve ever had. It has a signature tang, caramel nuttiness rustic crystalline texture that becomes creamy in your mouth.  We love it sliced, shredded, with our favorite apple butter and countless other ways.

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Primal Pastures Chicken

Leo + Matilda supports all lifestyle choices, and no matter what type of diet you subscribe to we strongly believe that you should get to know where your food comes from. We’ve toured Primal Pastures and interviewed farmer Paul twice, and we fully support their program for home cooks and chefs alike.

Primal Pastures meats are pasture-raised and beyond organic (read: way beyond what the organic certification requires) and we think you should try some today!

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