Take Back Your Mornings: A 5 minute Yoga Practice

This simple 5-minute yoga routine from guest contributor + our favorite yogi, Kalli Panagiotakos, will help you set the tone for the day, boost your mood, and keep you grounded.

Mornings can be a challenge between getting ready for work and finding the time to fit in breakfast for yourself or your larger clan, let alone a full yoga practice. Many times we stretch ourselves thinly with our scheduling demands and neglect to take the time to get centered and reflect on the day ahead.

If you’re new to yoga, the best time to start a daily practice is in the morning. Incorporating a simple 5-minute yoga routine can help set the tone for the day, boost your mood, and keep you grounded.

Spinal health is essential to our overall health. In yoga, a complete practice encompasses moving the spine in 6 directions. This short morning routine helps elongate the spine, reduce tension in the back muscles and stimulate your circulation.

Find a peaceful space inside or outdoors, take a deep breath, and follow the guide below to your new morning practice.

Urdhva Hastasana – Upward Salute
5 Minute Morning Yoga

Plant your feet hip-width distance apart.  Tuck tailbone, lift chest and stand tall

Raise your arms overhead, and bring palms to touch, pressing them gently together.

If you’d like, look up and lean back for a gentle backbend.

Side Bend Left + Right
5 Minute Morning Yoga

From Urdhva Hastasana, bring the spine to a tall, neutral position.

Lean to the left. Stay mindful of your body and go only as far as feels comfortable

Work the chest open to the sky. Keep feet evenly grounded for support.

Gaze can be on the floor, straight ahead or up to the sky.

Hold for 5 breaths. Repeat on the right side, coming through the middle.

5 Minute Morning Yoga
5 Minute Morning Yoga
Uttanasana – Forward Fold
5 Minute Morning Yoga

Keep feet hip-width distance apart. Hinge at hips

Option to keep legs bent or straight

Relax the head, arms and shoulders completely. Be mindful of where you are holding tension and release it.

Hold for 5 breaths

Arda Uttanasana – Halfway Lift
5 Minute Morning Yoga

From Uttanasana, inhale to lift the torso halfway.

Place hands on shins or floor, keep shoulders relaxed and back to allow for the chest to move forward and a slight backbend in the upper back.

Keep neck in line with the spine

Hold for 1 breath, then exhale to fold

Repeat 3 times

5 Minute Morning Yoga
Twist + Sway
5 Minute Morning Yoga

From a neutral standing position, with feet hip width distance apart

Relax arms by your side and gently sway the torso right to left, allowing the arms to be guided by the momentum of the twist

Continue for 5 breaths

Set Your Intention
5 Minute Morning Yoga

Bring hands to heart in prayer position, set an intention for the day ahead.

In Light,

Heart High Yoga

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